Please note we are a closed sanctuary and are no longer able to take in new birds. If you have found a bird in need we would advise you to contact another rescue.

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Our Mission

We feel strongly that it is our mission:


  • To relieve the suffering of wild birds or owls in need of care and attention.

  • To provide and maintain rescue homes or other facilities for the reception, care and treatment of wild birds and owls.  

  • To provide sanctuary for wild birds and owls, who although unrealisable, can live a good quality of life in captivity and would otherwise be euthanised.

  • To provide a Haven for wild birds and owls in our grounds to live and feed and to contribute to the survival of Norfolk bird life.

Our Journey

The essence of Wing and a Prayer was born a long time ago, when our founding trustee, Dee, took in three nestling great tits in need of hand rearing. Having no prior experience, Dee learned how to care for the babies and once they were old enough released them successfully back into the wild.


Once Dee's success became known, it wasn't long until others starting bringing her birds in need and as the amount of birds she cared for grew, volunteers started to come on board to help and people started to donate towards the care of the birds. Wing and a Prayer, Wild Bird and Haven was then officially born.


As a not-for-profit organisation, Wing and a Prayer continued to grow, as did our knowledge and experience and what started off with three nestling great tits, came to include a variety of birds such as tits and finches, wood peckers, corvids, owls, birds of prey and even pigeons.


Yes, that's right, pigeons! We love them just the same as the other birds!


Eventually, it made sense for Wing and a Prayer to become a charity and on 19 March 2012 we did just that.


For seven years the charity carried out rehabilitation, hand-rearing and nursing to wild birds and owls. In our busiest year over 700 birds came through our doors and our rehabilitation success rate was over 70%. We came to realise that our expertise was in the hand-rearing and nurture of the nestling and juvenile birds and between 2015 and 2016 we specialised as a wild bird and owl orphanage.


It was in March 2017, that due to a variety of reasons, mainly being a lack of nursing staff, we decided to no longer carry out rehabilitation work and instead to become a closed sanctuary, caring for the birds we had provided sanctuary to over the years and continuing to care for our wild residents and promote their welfare and survival. This is something we continue to do to this day.


As a charity, we are now run solely by our trustees on a voluntary basis. We keep our costs as low as possible, whilst not compromising on the care of our birds and continue to rely on our own fund-raising activities and donations from the public.


Whilst we love and care for all of the birds in our grounds, love alone does not feed them and keep their homes in good repair and we hope that after finding out about us and our birds, this is something you may be able to help us with.



To find out more about our birds, please visit our page "Meet our Resident Birds".


Or to find out how you can support us, visit our page "How to support us".


As well as our wild birds and owls, we have also offered sanctuary to a select few domestic birds and owls who also needed a special home. This is often because they have been lost and the owners have been unable to be found, or if they have needed rehoming in extraordinary circumstances.


The beautiful Barn Owl, Lucy, in the picture (left) is an example of one of the domestic birds of prey that we have opened our doors and hearts to over the years, whilst the pineapple cheeked conure, Eric, in the picture (right) is one of our existing residents and biggest characters despite his size