Please note we are a closed sanctuary and are no longer able to take in new birds. If you have found a bird in need we would advise you to contact another rescue.

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The Douglas and Joanne Chapman Animal Trust

We would like like to give thanks to this amazing trust who have given us grants to help us care for our birds:


About The Douglas and Joanne Chapman Animal Trust:


A local couple, Douglas and Joanne who were dedicated to the care and welfare of small animals, set up a charity in their Wills.


This charity is a grant making organisation aiming to distribute funds to organisations and/or individuals who strive to improve the lives and wellbeing of small animals in Norfolk. In addition the Trustees aim is also to support the education of the public in matters pertaining to animal welfare and the reduction and or elimination of cruelty to animals in Norfolk.


The Trustees have already provided grants for various specific schemes in order to further the charity’s objectives. The Trustees have also been pleased to visit the donees of those grants to see how they have made a difference to the lives of animals in their care.