Please note we are a closed sanctuary and are no longer able to take in new birds. If you have found a bird in need we would advise you to contact another rescue.

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If you find a bird in need

If you find a bird in need and it's a baby there’s a few steps you should take first before you consider moving it.


• Firstly, are the parents around?

• Watch it and wait.

• Sometimes the parents will be too scared to come back while you're there.

• Next, look at the bird.

• Is it a juvenile learning to fly?

• Does it look injured?

• Has it any feathers?

• If it has no feathers, it definitely shouldn't be out of the nest or alone.

• If it’s a juvenile and the parents don’t come back or it's injured it’s also going to need help.

• At that point you should call a wildlife rescue centre for advice.

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Picking up an injured or abandoned bird

• If you need to pick a bird up, do so gently with a large towel.

• Approach it calmly.

• If it’s a bird of prey be careful of the feet and if a gull the beak.

• If you can cover the eyes it'll keep the bird calm.

• Next, grip the bird firmly around the body, keeping the wings closed.

•      Do not squeeze, they're very fragile and will most likely be injured.

• Keep the bird away from your face at all times.

• Get a box and put a towel in it so the floor isn't slippery.

• Keep the bird somewhere warm.

Don't put water into the bird’s mouth as it may choke.

• Depending on the species leave it some seed or cat food, preferably not fish flavoured,

       in a shallow bowl.

• If you haven’t already, call a rescue centre.


Original artwork by Bekki Lusher

Original artwork by Bekki Lusher