Please note we are a closed sanctuary and are no longer able to take in new birds. If you have found a bird in need we would advise you to contact another rescue.

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Supporting Companies.

pet crem


Norfolk Pet Crematorium is a local, family run pet crematorium based in Felthorpe, who have kindly supported the Haven for many years by taking care of the cremation of the birds that sadly cannot be saved.


We have always found their approach to be respectful and empathic when dealing with any of the birds we have brought them and are sincerely grateful for their continuing assistance.


A large majority of the birds that come to us require hand feeding due to being either juvenile or unable to self feed at the time. In a lot of cases we use Hagen Tropican hand rearing mash as we find it to be a superior products to some other brands.


While using Tropican we have found the formula to work not only as a syringe based feed for pigeons and collard doves, but also as a main element in mixes we make up for stick feeding smaller birds such as finches and sparrows and in our 'special' meat balls that we make especially for swifts.


As a product we have found Tropican to have great results. The formula provides the base nutrients that our birds need to grow as well as helping them to promote good feather condition during their rehabilitation.


For this reason we recommend and use Hagen Tropican as a feeding product throughout our hospitals.



Alstoe Animal Health is a pharmaceutical company specialising in animal health. Now a part of the Sogeval, they are also one of the worlds fastest growing company's in that industry.


While they are a leading suppliers of 'tailor-made' tablets to vets across Europe, to us, they provide an essential drug called Kesium, which when trialled in Spring 2013, provided positive results in the rehabilitation of birds carrying infections.

These birds, who quite often came into the Haven looking like they were at deaths door, have taken well to the new drug and on many occasions we were delighted to find them in their cages, ready and waiting for breakfast the next morning.


Following discussions with Alstoe, they too were pleased with the results we were receiving and as a result of this made a very generous donation of the drug.


This support has helped us greatly and allowed us to focus our funds on other essential items needed, while providing us with peace of mind that the birds will continue to receive the medication required.


For this and their sponsorship, we are greatly thankful.

Other Supporters


In addition to our sponsors we would also like to thank all the people and businesses who have donated prizes, goods and event space for our fund raising activities.


Special thanks in particular go to -


David Dane

Monkey Bear Art

Solus Garden and Leisure, Rackheath

Norwich Castle Mall

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